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The Greenery is Rhode Island's only store to specialize in sustainable, local, green and Fair Trade artisan gifts.

We are a small business that supports hundreds of local and global artists, and are proud to showcase some of our best local artists.


D.S. Brennan Photography

Artist: John Boland

Location: Warren, Rhode Island, USA


John Boland Pottery is now available for purchase, exclusively at The Greenery!.

John Boland produces handmade utilitarian pottery for contemporary interiors. He creates wheel thrown objects as well as forms crafted from his hand made plaster molds. The works are finished with his own proprietary glazes and reduction fired in a gas kiln. Each piece is a unique "one of a kind" art object, designed with function for home, garden or office in mind.

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Apiary Designs

Artists: Apiary Design

Location: Rhode Island, USA

Practical Accessories and Household Items

Nancy and Megan's goal is to create practical and attractive accessories and household items.

Apiary Designs is a mother-daughter team of seamster Nancy and designer Megan.

Their goal is to create practical and attractive accessories and household items. Nancy and Megan use a variety of materials including both new and vintage fabrics.

The Apiary Designs product line at the Greenery currently includes:

  • Accessories: Tote Bags, Zippy, Super, and Tiny Pouches, CD Sleeves
  • Items for the Home: Full Aprons, Half Aprons, Plastic Bag Organizers, Spa Cloths, Eco Wash Cloths
  • Pet Accessories: Catnip Activity Mats, Plastic Bag Organizers

Nancy and Megan have more ideas than time to create, so there's a long wish list of projects they'd like to try. There are some new upcycled products on the horizon, and they can't wait to share them with you!

Apiary Designs

Visit The Greenery to view the work of Apiary Designs!


Artists: My Wicked Garden

Location: Rhode Island, USA

Specialty: Oganic handmade salves

My Wicked Garden is based on the idea that wellness should be approached holistically.

Elizabeth Smith, certified herbalist from Johnston can regularly be found digging in the dirt near home. She is an avid researcher of the many benefits of herbs and quite frequently uses her family and friends to test her concoctions. Liz has voracious appetite for learning about what plants can do for the human body, this has led her to create her product line, My Wicked Garden. The products you use both inside and out should be simple, chemical free, organic, and affordable!

At My Wicked Garden, the packaging is 100% recyclable and ingredients are obtained form ethical and sustainable sources. You will never find unpronounceable ingredients , unless they are Latin botanical names. My Wicked Garden is especially proud of its Shea butter which is from a fair trade women´s cooperative in West Africa .

Visit The Greenery to view the work of My Wicked Garden

D.S. Brennan Photography

Artist: Diane Brennan

Location: Rhode Island, USA


Diane's work evokes her love of natural New England, her awareness of the environment, and her passion to create.

Diana Stith Brennan was born and raised in Rhode Island, a landscape of woodlands and shorelines. While always fascinated by her father's old Minolta SLR camera, Diana didn't delve into photography in earnest  until high school, when she took her first black and white photography class. She was immediately hooked. She discovered the power that photography had to communicate her unique view of the world to others. 

Diana graduated with a degree in Environmental Science and Management 
from the University of Rhode Island in 2002. She started her art photography business, D.S. Brennan Photography, in early 2006. In  addition to her photography, Diana works in the environmental field,  continually learning about and being inspired by nature. 

Diana shoots mainly with a digital SLR camera, but also enjoys using vintage film cameras and experimenting with different techniques. She  believes that the essence of a scene is often captured best by  photographing the details. Her work evokes her love of natural New England, her awareness of the environment, and her passion to create.

Visit The Greenery to view the work of Diana Stith Brennan! 


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