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The Greenery: A Shop with Soul
By Elyse Major

I like to shop. Or rather, I like to go shopping. I’m not think kind of person who returns home with armfuls of large glossy shopping bags from the mall (although it happens); I’m more likely to be excited by a charming shop and leave with packages filled with prized miscellany.

Recently, my sister was visiting from out-of-state and I wanted to show her a picturesque spot: Scituate Village came to mind. Even though I have never yet been to its famed art festival, I had visited its small shopping district. In a gray building festooned with flowers, wreaths and signs, stands The Greenery with its door wide open.

Inside The Greenery I was smitten with the assortment of hand-crafted items, things for kids, organic beauty supplies, and more. The Greenery also offers full floral services evident by the fresh smell of cut flowers. Owner Bridget Tierney, is relaxed, friendly and proudly states that her shop is Rhode Island's only store to specialize in sustainable, local, green and Fair Trade artisan gifts. Bridget also notes, “We are a small business that supports hundreds of local and global artists, and are proud to showcase some of our best local artists.”

My little spree included a small basket carved from a walnut and filled with a chenille chick and millinery flowers, and a lined change purse made locally by Apiary.

The shop’s motto declares “The Greenery is for people seeking a greater good and fewer toxins, greater detail and less plastic, greater meaning and less clutter.” It also fits my simple bill of a cool shop with fair prices in a pretty area.

Note: North Scituate is very close to Johnston and easy to get to. Added lure: Coffee next door!

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The Greenery 63 Water Street, Warren, RI 02885 401-247-7100

For flower orders, please call 401-247-7100

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